They trusted us

Testimony 56 PS S ducazaux

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I had the chance to meet and work with Pascale there some time, as a personal shopper for a beautiful and unforgettable day !

The dream for any woman and effect “Cinderella” the end of the day, my leaving the good fairy godmother ; day that show all too quickly, so I felt pampered me, heard, recommended, surrounded, spoiled in the middle of these clothes / shoesone more beautiful than the other, Selected for me ! A bubble of happiness!

So I loved the advice Pascale, provided his voice so sweet, know the colors that fit me , I let myself refer to clothes that I will not be selected, without any constraint, Pascale because all the tact to suggest , direct towards, without forcing or judge.

Thisday will be a wonderful time,my only regret is to live far from Paris if I will renew this experience because today as many women, surely biased by too many brands, too many images on Instagram…I overextend myself and certainly disperses me and guide me trained eye.
So if I can express a wish, this is the one to relive such a day of personal shopping with him !

Hope Pascale.
Stay well.

Sandra D., 40 years old, Entrepreneurs-slasheuse, 33 Gironde, more 2018

Testimony 55 PS M thomazeau

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I appealed to a private stylist, to ensure I buy clothes conform to my needs, what I should enjoy wearing through the effective selection Pascale.

The support of a personal shopper saves me the hassle shopping– Do not waste time in an activity that does not please me !

After several sessions, I now have a consistent and wardrobe in which I feel good.

I received complimentswhich are always fun

I will recommend to my colleagues or friends who, like me, fear as shopping sessions ...

Appointment in September, Pascale

Martine T., 57 years old, Financial director, 75015 Paris, avril 2018

Testimony 54 IFB E KERS

I just grow professionally, I have taken on new responsibilities : j’avais besoin de faire évoluer mon image et l’adapter à mon nouveau posteet à mon nouvel environnement professionnel. Plus personnellement, j’avais besoin de changements et de faire évoluer mon look : ma vie a changé, je suis jeune maman, je suis plus mûre, j’avais besoin d’adapter mon image à mon style de vie et à la femme que je suis désormais. Finally, j’ai toujours eu envie de bénéficier des conseils d’une professionnelle : savoir ce qui me va et ce qui ne me va pas, avoir de nouvelles idées et être en mesure de me renouveler grâce à un œil professionnel et objectif.

Pourquoi avoir choisi Fashion Lab ?

Fashion Lab m’a été conseillée par une relation professionnelle, I have not compared to the competition because she was delighted with the service provided. I wanted to call someone you trust rather than introduce competition.

What advice have you retained and enjoyed because specific to your needs ?

All tips were excellent : I remember above all the advice on color preference, shapes, the combinations that can be made and to renew its everyday look, makeup and hair tips. Today, I am very comfortable with my image and gaining a lot of time every day: I'm sure to have a look and dress appropriate to the circumstances and my professional appointment, sans perdre de temps, sans avoir besoin de réfléchir plusieurs heures à ma tenue. Je retiens donc aussi le côté pratique et utile. Finally, Pascale a su respecter ma personnalité : toutes ses propositions et suggestions sont très fidèles à la personne que je suis. C’était le plus important pour moi.

Je referai appel, dès cet hiver, pour compléter le travail réalisé ensemble.

En complément : la coiffure est vraiment super. J’ai de nombreux compliments tous les jours depuis 10 jours, et c’est vrai que ça change vraiment.. Tout le monde me ditc’est moderne” :) Un vrai changement. Vos conseils maquillage ont beaucoup aidé aussi : easy to implement and real change.

All outfits are top, I do not regret buying !

So a big thank you !

Eve K.,38 ans, logistics and marketing director, telephony sector, 93 Bagnolet, avril 2018

Testimony 53 personal shopping C toutou

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

Why did you use a image consulting ?

I wished enjoy the look of a professionaland partly renew my locker but especially strengthen my professional posture.

Pourquoi avoir choisi Fashion Lab ?

The Pascale approach is based on the study of your personality, your influences and your expectations. There is a real thought and a will to know his client.

What advice have you retained and enjoyed because specific to your needs ?

Pascale has perfectly orient myself on my colorimetry, faire évoluer mon style vestimentaire en choisissant des pièces à double usage cocktail et journée en rdv d’affaires .J’ai découvert d’autres marques. J’ai découvert les possibilités qui s’offrent à moi.

Recommanderiez-vous les prestations de Fashion Lab ? Je suis Fan ! Je le recommande à toutes celles qui souhaitent se renouveler et passer un moment très agréable.

A quel moment referez-vous appel aux services de Fashion Lab ? Certainement à l’automne/hiver prochain…

Christine T. , 40 years old, Consultante indépendante en finances, 95 Antony , mars 2018

Testimony 52 programme IFB

J’ai transformé mon image personnelle en « dirigeant d’élite ».

Je dois avouer que j’avais l’impression d’être parfaitement habillé et donc nul besoin de faire évoluer ce point.

J’avais tort !

Pascale a su me convaincre d’utiliser ses services dont le programme « Image For Business ». J’avoue n’avoir aucunement regretté cette décision.

N’étant pas fan de shopping, bien sûr, ce fût un bonheur de rester en salon privé et d’essayer les nouvelles tenues sélectionnées par avance.Pascale a su mettre en correspondance mon image et celle de ma société, celle que cette dernière mérite ! Je sais parfaitement combien un prospect a besoin d’être rassuré pour passer commande.

Je suis dirigeant de mon entreprise , et la plupart du temps , I am the first means of communication with my teams. Les services de Fashion Lab fûrent, in that, one of my best investments.

I wish to thank Pascale Fashion Lab and especially, now my prospects and people I meet directly see in me the company I represent.

Many thanks !

Jose S., 47, Associate CEO Wellpartnr , growth company and Strategy, 92 high-seine, mars 2018

Testimony 51 personal shopping

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I thank Pascale for the professionalism they have shown throughout our discussions, particularly during the "Personal Shopping" session last Tuesday.

I think a lot of men have a similar approach to mine : They like to be dressed elegantly and include the importance of projecting an image consistent with their responsibilities but any shopping session is a chore when it is not torture !

None of this with you because in 2 hours long, in the cozy comfort of a private room all appropriate items arrived to me like magic !

The price of his advice well worth the gains that each customer can derive from working with it :

The definition of a custom style, understanding the types of colors and shapes that highlight.

A consistent set of clothes quickly chosen because pre selected.

Prices quite affordable,

Pending future collaboration,

Eric D. Group CEO Paris Swagelok fluid system , 91140 Villebon sur Yvette , February 2018

Testimony 50 personal shopping

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

Personal Shopping Experience with Pascale LEULIET has been fruitful for me. Having a Full registration before the meeting, Pascale took me to different options that allowed me to open my eyes to models or brands that I could ignore.

The result is concrete : the goal of complete business outfits has been reached, within the set budget framework, and with the choice I would not have known to. During fittings, Pascale has a safe glance, and knows towards the good cuts, make interesting associations and provide new ideas for the future.

A quality experience.

Nicolas W., 50 years old, designer brand names, CEO Nommart, Top Seine, Issy 92, January 2018

Testimony 49 Detox dressing

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

“I loved this time just for me, everything stops and thinks only one thing, reach its target : be beautiful in the clothes you already have and those we may acquire, thanks to the invaluable help of Pascale during Dressing Detox.

Knowing involve its parts, find the colors and shapes that will make us more attractive, building silhouettes that will give us more confidence.

Furthermore, Pascale turned my dressing nice shop, I have great pleasure in admiring each day, and find the best pieces that fit my schedule.

I applied for additional small tricks :un éclairage dans mon dressing, a peg to prepare my outfit of the day.
It is a beautiful experience that I recommend to every woman to live. Pascale with her stylist talent gave me the momentum for change.”

Christine N., 43 years old, responsable sourcing, female PAP sector, 75015 Paris , December 2017

witness 48 Detox dressing et personal shopping

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

A first : How in a week I did the sorting my closet by daring to remove what's me, effectively classify my pieces "valid", to edit parts in need and shop to complete my outfits and have outfits perfect in my eyes and in the very pro look Pascale. !

A very different shopping of what I used to do. I, who works in heart stroke usually, Pascale there was preselected me all necessary parts : in one morning, all B to Ba held business was in my dressing room with touches of "madness".

It's like I do my shopping list for lunch. With a list, I focus on what I really need.

In my wardrobe today, I now have everything you need with optimized budget.

It was a first experience that I highly recommend. You gain in insurance, effectiveness. A remarkable time savings.

Thank you Pascale !

Sylvie C., 49 years old, CEO Coach & Cook, management by the kitchen, 92 high-seine, December 2017

witness 47 dress course

Career Dress signing

I was looking for a style in perfect harmony with the person I am !

I am delighted to have given my confidence to Pascale. And especially the keys to my dressing room !

With our 3 appointment when browsing "Signature", we were able to sort, see what flattered me best and keep the best pieces and then complete the looks at a shopping session.

Listening, professional and caring, Pascale also knows identify the different facets of a personality and professional issues ahead.


Today, I have the feeling that my style, unique and colorful as my state of mind !

What a pleasure not to ask me questions in front of my closet every morning and be satisfied to choose my outfits made in my personal Look Book to start my day.

Big thanks !

Jessica, journalist director, Author, and entrepreneur, paris December 2017

witness 46 detox dressing

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

As a Banker, I work with and startuppers seeks to create a bond of trust by my professionalism but also by my appearance.

My previous image is not conveyed, finally, values ​​or message I wanted to convey in my professional look.

Through this session Dressing Detox, I learned a lot about me -even : for example, I now know what colors flatter me ( I do wrong with black, which is supposed to go with everything ...), which cuts and materials match my figure ( velvet yes , but not all colors, however my dresses associated with mesh vests are perfect) ; what clothes to keep or discard and organize my closet to better identify my outfits prof .

I have only one regret : not have done this much earlier !

A big thank-you !

Léonie L., 43 years old, commercial director of a business center dedicated to innovative companies, banking sector, 75 paris November 2017

witness 45 dress course

Career Dress signing

I've decided, after meeting with Pascale, it was the right time toalign my image in my future professional issues.

I want to present a consistent face professional image to my customers – executives and entrepreneurs – evoking professionalism and quality of my company.

It was not easy for me to take the step, because fashion never attracted me. But I have to say the result is staggering !

After this course in "dress Signature" my client immediately perceived the change as well as colleagues at a recent seminar in the US.

From, I changed my visuals whose professional photo on social networks. I observed a very positive effect !

Thank you to Pascale for his good advice and patience.

Amelia M., 37 years old, DG Sandler Training France, business development training sector,75008 Paris, November 2017

witness 44 Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I received advice on my professional Pascale looks.

After the study of colors and my figure, a Personal Shopping was necessary to make them more attractive and bright my outfits pro !

In less than a morning Pascale managed to make me discover new easy-to-wear brands and parts that perfectly complement my wardrobe.

I gained time (I do not like to spend time shopping), I have benefited from reductions unexpected when shopping, and I benefited sound advice Pascale to my choice.

Effective time and in good spirits, short “What happiness” !


Nathalie R., associated, au cabinet RSM d’audit Expertise comptable et conseil, 75008 Paris, November 2017

witness 43 detox dressing

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

Suite à l’animation lors de la dernière soirée Boss club du 8 November "How to cure your professional image ? ”, I made an appointment for a counseling session by necessity to remake pro pictures for my site but … out of curiosity.

And I came away convinced !

As a private stylist and image consulting, Pascale gave me great personal advice on choosing my outfits to suit my different types of business meetings with leaders,(du 1e rdv d’affaires aux journées de formation que j’enseigne ).

With a lot of listening and professionalism, Pascale m’a permis de mieux maitriser les messages non verbaux que je souhaite transmettre.

I now want to play with colors, les matières … tout en gardant ma personnalité !

Un grand Merci et recommande cette prestation !


Jean Yves D., 56 years old, business coach and leadership MENTORYS certified ACTION COACH, senior seine 92, November 2017

witness 42 Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

We appealed to Fashion Lab, mon mari et moi car un avis professionnel était nécessaire pour un nouveau dressing pro dans nos secteurs d’activités le BTP et le secteur de la santé.

When Personal Shopping, our professional wardrobes were renewed in a style and color appropriate to each, our budget complied with valuable advice.

The personalized services have been adapted to find an image that corresponds to what we wanted to communicate and show.

Accompaniment by Pascale has improved our daily and have received compliments on our good looks by bringing in new colors like saffron tones, emeralds or some blues.

We will be interested to repeat this experience next spring.

In the meantime we will recommend with pleasure Pascale services to our personal and professional entourage.

Jean-Philippe B., activities director, BTPS ATLANTIS, and Fabienne B., Team coordinator PAO, CEVA Santé Animale, Bordeaux 33, November 2017

Witness 41, Dressing Detox, Nicolas W

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

My experience with Pascale LEULIET was very positive. The meeting was a real trigger that much good in look that is worn on her outfit.

First of all, it helps make sense of her style of dressing and determine the lines of clear and relevant pipes.

Ensuite, this will take a different look and expert on his own wardrobe : which associations make sense, and which do not.

Finally, it also allows to plan for the future, for a procurement strategy.

The mind (finally) clear about what is appropriate to wear or not, we can do from the dress shopping with real rational objectives, and no longer propelled by the deals, on hazardous parts. The experiment is successful, and I think I'll take a second module "Personal shopping "Pascale, because his expert eye can still bring me to this level.”

Nicolas W., 50 years old , designer brand names, CEO Nommart, Top Seine, Issy 92, November 2017

Witness 40, Personal Shopper, Magali H

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I wanted a wardrobe with color and I appealed to Pascale services as Personal Shopper. Pascale was able to select the parts corresponding to my desire and my tastes.

J’ai apprécié le fait que les pièces se mélangent les unes avec les autres. Pascale m’avait vue habillée d’une veste en cuir rouge et elle a intégré cette veste dans des tenues qu’elle m’a proposé. J’adore la robe bleue qu’elle m’a « dénichée ». Je dispose maintenant d’une garde-robe professionnelle complète et qui me correspond.

Je l’ai contactée de nouveau pour qu’elle me propose une sélection de bijoux pour accessoiriser les tenues. Je me sens maintenant en confiance pour trouver un poste correspondant à mes nouvelles aspirations professionnelles.

Magali H. 39 years old, développeur de projet, secteur finances & assurances , Paris 75015 , Octobre 2017

Witness 39, Personal Shopper, Dressing Detox, Sylvie C

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

Les expériences Dressing Détox et Personal shopper pour ont été très enrichissantes pour parfaire mon look business.

J’ai découvert les couleurs qui m’allaient bien et ai définitivement abandonné mon univers noir et blanc, que je trouve rétrospectivement très terne et triste.

J’ai adoré la sélection de vêtements par Pascale. Elle a vraiment l’œil d’une professionnelle.

Au final, je me sens mieux dans mes vêtements, avec de nouvelles couleurs et de nouveaux looks plus professionnels et plus femme.

Un grand merci à Pascale pour sa gentillesse et son professionnalisme.

Je recommande vivement cette aventure à tous !

Sylvie C., 48 years old, CEO La compta positive , Top Seine, Meudon 92, Octobre 2017

Witness 36, Dressing Detox et Personal Shopping, Cécile D,

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on Shopper,personal shopping,on

Following its animation when afterwork "image for Business" in June, I had a good "fit" with Pascale. Although I love fashion, my expectations were to define my style, how to better identify the parts according to my style, organize my closet, discover a personalized selection and save time in the Personal Shopping.

The tips and accompaniment Pascale / Fashion Lab has improved my daily in making my new role : henceforth,
I understand more what suits me, I deleted making “young lady” and does not give the image of a decision maker.

Suite au Dressing Detox, j & rsquo; got compliments from my current colleagues who have seen this dress on me changing.

I'm farsighted and have already blocked all our shopping trip in September.
Since my wardrobe Detox, I immediately recommended Pascale, including gifts choice, I ask him for advice !

Cecile D., 39 years old, Director of BNPP trades programs, 75015 Paris, September 2017

Witness 35, Caroline V-B. Dressing Detox

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

After attending one of his workshops “Image for Business”, I appealed to Pascale for Dressing Detox. Loved this morning in his company.

What sort of happiness, to get rid of all the now inappropriate clothing and compose appropriate and rewarding outfits !
I felt a real gain confidence in myself, I lean and finally affirmed as entrepreneur. Now, There's just…)

I recommended Fashion Lab with my entourage.

A big thank you Pascale !

Caroline V.- B. 33 years old, Co founder of , digital commerce, 91 Asnières, September 2017

Witness 34, dressing detox, sylvain R

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

The image that self-given reveals a lot about us and we can put in value or otherwise serve us.

With its long experience in fashion design fashion industry and its outside look, le rôle de Pascale est de nous guider à retenir les tenues appropriées à l’image que nous souhaitons véhiculer dans notre univers professionnel.

J’ai ainsi appris à choisir les couleurs qui me flattent ainsi que les coupes de vêtements mettant en valeur ma silhouette…. Il en a résulté un grand ménage dans mon dressing.

De même, l’organisation du dressing et le peu de place que j’y accordais, faisaient que je « tournais » avec seulement quelques vêtements.

Pascale we could test different combinations and supplements to provide.

I now feel more comfortable in these outfits appropriate to my clients and my business.

Mes contacts m’ont d’ailleurs fait la remarque et j’ai pu approcher des cibles de clientèle plus en phase avec celles que je recherchais et ai ainsi vu progress of my CA 20%.

My wife also enjoyed seeing me change my clothes and m & rsquo; found rejuvenated.

Merci Pascale »

Sylvain R., 45 years old, corporate freelance photographer , 92 Neuilly / Seine, June 2017

Witness 33, Personal Shopper, Gabrielle M.

Personal shopping sur

I first worked with Pascale in October 2016 on my signature style and soon called upon Pascale’s services in June 2017 for a specific personal shopping session.

I was indeed really wanting to, on the one hand, identify my own style as the owner of a business, since I am myself constantly liaising with organisations, executives, lawyers and legal services, each with a number of underlying codes, however subtle. It was also about determining and adapting a number of outfits to particular events. What should I wear for such occasion? How is the message I want to leave my interlocutors with going to be perceived? Is my message going to be viewed the same way?

Pascale is a highly professional and efficient person, with a gentle yet bold and daring approach. A true breath of fresh air! With the help of Pascale, I am now able to go on areas I would never have dreamt of, while revealing a true and aligned image of myself as an woman entrepreneur. The suggested combinations are perfect, and I feel great in all situations: a personal positive image and consistent messages! I recommend to anyone! Thank you so much, Pascale. ”

After a first call for Pascale in October 2016 around my dress signing, I appealed to Pascale again in June 2017 at a session of personal shopping.

I was looking indeed, at a time, firstly to identify my own style to assert my corporate leadership status, since myself in constant contact with organizations and leaders, even business law and legal advice firms., whose codes, even subtle, do exist after all.

On the other hand, it was also adapt my outfits such as certain special events. What put to such an opportunity ? He will be perceived messages that I want to transmit?

Professional, effective, gentle but bold, accompaniment by Pascale was a real breath of fresh air. Pascale was able to get me on the grounds that I did not dare imagine, to reveal a picture of me totally aligned with my entrepreneurial journey. The associations that are perfect Pascale offers, I finally feel myself in all circumstances, because I know My image is finally consistent with my speech. I definitely recommend !
Thank you so much, Pascale.

Gabrielle M. – 47 years old, CEO Life in english , Meudon 92 – June 2017

Witness 35, Dressing detox et personal shopping, Marie-Cécile P.

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on shopping sur
A big thank you to Pascale, who – following a session Dressing Detox” then “Personnal Shopper” permit me “feminine form” and especially my closet, which was my goal, identify a wardrobe with existing pieces plus some subtle additions, that match a professional goal.

She was able to take me subtly and effectively to select a wardrobe that reflects a caller picture “entrepreneur” – serious – while highlighting my personality.
I especially appreciated his gentle way of bringing me, with professionalism, to new brand worlds.

Thank you for it”

Marie-Cécile P. – 53 years old, CEO Consultant RH-SIRH, Paris 75018 – June 2017

Witness 31, Personal Shopper, Delphine L.

Personal shopping sur

J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer Pascale, à titre professionnel dans un premier temps, pour une tenue à l’occasion du 2e lancement de notre salon annuel professionnel des vins.
The jumpsuit and shoes were perfect for enhancing my role as ambassador of the agency. To supplement my wardrobe for summer during the sales, I appealed to Fashion Lab. In 2 h time, Pascale was able to find my little treasures.
Outfits that I would never dare to buy and which matched me perfectly As for the form, the style and colors.
Loved the track making me discover and switch from one brand to another to try on clothes. Like the pieces of a puzzle that is assembled to reveal a comprehensive picture !
A great pleasure… The same evening I wore the first outfit !

Expérience à renouveler et à recommander

Delphine L. – 42 years old, assistante logistique de l ‘agence de vignerons « Papilles et Pupilles », 75003 Paris – June 2017

Witness 34, Signature Dress, Sabine B.

Course Signature Dress on

Depuis plusieurs années je rêvais de faire une séance avec un personal shopper: je me connais, je sais composer de jolies tenues, mais j’avais l’envie d’aller plus loin, to dare parts and assemblies which I did not think or I would not have dared.
My problem : find THE person who inspire me confidence. Luckily, I met Pascale and I could throw myself.
My style, my desires, my expectations…
Pascale has it all !
Resulted in a session of super efficient shopping and that allowed me to expand my range of possibilities in a great atmosphere.
Then a home session bluffed me : absolutely any room in my closet were built in styles, I finally carries all these favorites that I knew how to match !
Finally, the look book received at home is very well done, allowing me to see what to wear and how to accessorize my outfits at best !
Since the first meeting I had with receiving the look book, I am delighted with my style every day and I get constantly praise !
The new question that is asked is “is your stylist who did??”
Initial Target: Wouahou effect guaranteed daily !

Big thank you, Pascale.

Sabine B. – 37 years old, Acquiring digital project gr Serbier Paris 4th , May June 2017

Witness 36, Dressing detox, Eloise M.

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on
"It will be difficult with me, because I keep all my clothes ... "such were the words of Eloise ...

" Yes it made a change, during the weekend following the passage of Pascale, I threw away 2 bags of summer clothes, j’ai mis l’hiver sur un portant et j’ai beaucoup plus de place maintenant dans les placards. J’ai tout rangé comme conseillé et je remets des robes dont j’étais « zappeuse » !

Alors merci beaucoup, Pascale :-) !!! ”

Eloise M. – 35 years old, Journaliste Mode & Life style, Paris – Mai 2017

Witness 32, Personal Shopper, Ariane M.

Personal shopping sur

I would recommend listening and professionalism of Pascale. Thanks to her, I have an obligation to ” Mother of the Bride”, neither too nor too bohemian lady. Bravo !
La gageure était compliquée : me trouver une robe chic dans laquelle je me sente bien alors que je n’aime que les jeans !

Ariane M. – 54 years old, formatrice en communication , groupe DAXXI, paris 7th – Avril 2017

Witness 30, Personal Shopper, Nathalie G.

Personal shopping sur

I had a need for renewal and above board because unlike many women how shopping is not fun for me.
In private lounge, I enjoyed the relevant analysis of what suits me in terms of color and shapes and quality in the pre-selection made by Pascale, which helped to save time.
The choice made was relevant and my surroundings including the most women “stylish” perceived the difference in the week after this session.
Everything is perfect !
Thank you for this original and useful service for me.
I'll start again.

Nathalie G., 42 years old, Service Manager, La Poste, Maison Lafitte, February 2017

Witness 28, Signature dress, Florence C.

Course Signature Dress on

I chose a complete course to take advantage of all its offer. The first step was already very successful. The famous detox dressing ! I could approach it in a moving context, certainly very favorable, but without waiting to change space, I highly recommend this service that allows not only a serious dressing of storage but also to the household in his head ! No more morning to question before the hangers, to make and break associations on departure, everything became clear !
Inevitably, analysis dressing leads to the missing parts to optimize her outfits. And there is Christmas before Christmas !
Go for a Pretty Woman sitting in department stores ! the formidable Pascale was able to find the best opportunities, it only remains to choose after fitting the true heart of shots but all choices are perfectly well-argued and over path, then draw the complete outfits with only a few pieces judiciously complement the silhouettes. Everything is designed to not lose any minute to respect the time devoted especially valuable everything is calculated in advance to respect the original budget. Then I say hat the artist !

Pascale was able to gracefully, tact and correctness motivate me to bring about positive change my professional image and beyond this objective, I spent true moments of pleasure !
Pascale was very generous advice, tips and tricks.

With highly personalized book reproduces the key cleverly constructed outfits, color codes, the accessories, finite impulse purchases !
I am looking forward to the next step in shopping during the January sales !

Indulge, c & rsquo; is an expense that ultimately helps to make serious savings by only buying pieces that have a defined role in your wardrobe.

Florence C. – 41 years old, Founder CEO of Taste Buds & Taste buds, Paris 10th winemakers Agency – December 2016

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

Les expériences du Dressing Détox et du Personal shopper pour mon look business ont été très enrichissantes.

J’ai découvert les couleurs qui m’allaient bien et ai définitivement abandonné mon univers noir et blanc, que je trouve rétrospectivement très terne et triste.

J’ai adoré la sélection de vêtements effectuée par Pascale. Elle a vraiment l’œil d’une professionnelle.

Au final, je me sens mieux dans mes vêtements, avec de nouvelles couleurs et de nouveaux looks plus professionnels et plus femme.

Un grand merci à Pascale pour sa gentillesse et son professionnalisme.

Je recommande vivement cette aventure à tous !

Sylvie C., 48 years old, CEO La compta positive , Top Seine, Meudon 92, Octobre 2017