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# What I would remember? Trying on things I never would have worn… to please yourself, to dare & to assume

I called on Fashion Lab for a Personal Shopper session following a gift from my husband.

It was an opportunity for me to 35 years especially for taking time for me, to assert myself in one or more personal looks (and not professional because I wear a uniform). I was able to choose between the shopping option in the stores or a reservation of a privatized lounge for the occasion.

According to the identified shops, Pascale m’a Showed things I never would have watched, Tried things I never would have worn, all in good humor and sharing.

What I will take away from this session,


And the little advice distilled as the session progresses

  • How to build a look over time by combining basic and strong pieces
  • How to tie your scarf differently for more style,
  • The right cut of jeans,
  • Which shoe for which outfit,
  • The association of colors,
  • Dare to print….),
  • Discovery of brands that I did not know and that suit me

This experience gave me more self-confidence., to regain a taste for getting dressed every morning by really thinking about it, to make associations with the clothes I had in my wardrobe with the ones I bought. After this experience, my entourage was conquered by my choices and encourages me to continue in this….:-)

The session 3 h is passed so fast (too much), because once launched we still have more questions, other desires …This is why I think repeat the experience to consolidate what has been seen and discover something else may be for summer….

I really liked this exchange, I definitely recommend around me either for personal or professional world, man or woman regardless of age: this will take stock of itself, her closets ,the image we have of ourselves and that which we refer to others.

Finally, I really want to thank Pascale, for his availability, good humor, his smile, this desire to transmit, patience, WELL this ability to identify people in all some questions respecting their personality and desires.

Thanks to Pascale, this session n’ that has not been shopping but also a focus on self, interior renewal.

Emilie P. , 35 years old, Housekeeper in a hotel 4 stars, Paris , January 2020