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I called Fashion lab because I needed to establish my new position as a female entrepreneur after 13 years of employment. In addition, my status as a young mother had accustomed me to a simple wardrobe, filled with comfortable clothes and shoes without touch of particular colors.

Before each client appointment, the issue of my professional attire worried me more than the presentation of my work I realized that I mixed styles. So I need an expert to help me find the style that is consistent with my position.

With sessions colorimetry / morphology and personal shopping, I learned more easily identify parts and colors that make me value. I found a style in line with my personality. I also discovered outfits that I never thought I'd try alone.

Today, I leave ,by appointment Customers, confident and I feel my new outfits reassured my interlocutors.

I am tempted to repeat the experience for winter outfits :)

Magali D., 38 years old, founder of DiaLea, Digital Marketing Consultant, Levallois 92, mars 2019