Testimony 68 Bruno L

For everything to be successful, everything must be met. That's why I recommend the full program “Image for business” .

The results were very quick!

Why ?
Because this evolution allowed me to be aligned with who I am and to feel perfectly good with my perceived image. J’impacte désormais davantage mes clients et mon audience lors de mes Mentoring/coaching et lors de mes conférences /MasterClass/masterMind.

Je donne cohérence à mon savoir faire , je me sens mieux. J’ai gagné un temps et une efficacité précieuse grâce au personal shopping et je continue à en gagner grâce au Detox dressing et avec le Book personnalisé.

Je suis ravi d’avoir vécu cette expérience que je recommande à tous dirigeants et managers;

Notre image est notre branding.

Those who want to feel good in a style that matches their impact and aligned with perceived image, should be coach for the next level in their results ! I feel better and aligned : a look that suits me and more impact !

All this is thanks to the professionalism of Pascale, its requirement and kindness at all stages. Thank you Pascale !

Bruno L. , 51 years old, CEO and founder Xmentor, Mentoring / coaching for leaders, Levallois 92, February 2019