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Why appealing to Fashion Lab ?

My first experience with Fashion Lab corresponded to a job change. It was a way to feel ready to face this new challenge.

I have little time to devote to shopping, too many choices, therefore Board of delivering image allows me to save time while making sure that the chosen garments will adapted to my professional background and my personality.

Obviously this also allows me to discover parts heart stroke that I would not have spontaneously purchased. Exemple des slippers imprimés que j’ai mariés avec tous mes pantalons et que je n’aurais jamais achetées spontanément. Ils ont eu beaucoup de succès.

Cet accompagnement en style me permet de comprendre quelle palette de couleurs me convenait le mieux et to assert my business style around a few key pieces : pants / shirts / jackets easy to coordinate to have some outfits "winning".

It's a Expert and caring look that showcases to select items or combinations of items that I would not have chosen spontaneously.

Thank you Pascale

Véronique, 51 years old, IT sector commercial director, 78 Celle St Cloud, Avril 2019