witness 67 Mylene P.

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I appealed to Fashion Lab, because I too casual style compared to my profession, and I'm not taken seriously by my clients doing very young.

I wanted to better define my style in general. I wanted to learn how to organize and optimize my dressing room and better identify the parts according to my style during personal shopping.

I received personalized answers: clean storage tips for my home, color advice in connection with my personality, the discovery of clothes I never would have tried .

The advice and support of Pascale improved my daily.

it Is win a lot of time preparing now with the assurance that I make the right choice to feel better during the meeting important clients.

I am excited to complete this reflection with a new session next season.

Je recommande les services de Conseil en image de Fashion Lab a qui veut l’entendre surtout que pas mal de personnes ont senti que quelque chose avait changé dans mon attitude !

Mylène P. 35 years old , CEO de KANTYS , expertise comptable , Paris 19 , December 2018