Testimony 56 PS S ducazaux

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I had the chance to meet and work with Pascale there some time, as a personal shopper for a beautiful and unforgettable day !

The dream for any woman and effect “Cinderella” the end of the day, my leaving the good fairy godmother ; day that show all too quickly, so I felt pampered me, heard, recommended, surrounded, spoiled in the middle of these clothes / shoes one more beautiful than the other, Selected for me ! A bubble of happiness !

So I loved the advice Pascale, provided his voice so sweet, know the colors that fit me , I let myself refer to clothes that I will not be selected, without any constraint, Pascale because all the tact to suggest , direct towards, without forcing or judge.

This day will be a wonderful time,my only regret is to live far from Paris if I will renew this experience because today as many women, surely biased by too many brands, too many images on Instagram…I overextend myself and certainly disperses me and guide me trained eye.
So if I can express a wish, this is the one to relive such a day of personal shopping with him !

Hope Pascale.
Stay well.

Sandra D., 40 years old, Entrepreneurs-slasheuse, 33 Gironde, more 2018