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Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on
Message spotted on facebook :

Yesterday morning, I had #DressingDetox with my friend Pascale Leuliet of Fashion Lab. And it was like a big fall cleanup ! The discovery of nuggets, the massive destruction of rustling past that no longer resembles me, confirming some of my natural orientations, codes of discovery which I am totally fourvoyais…

what fuck especially a great coaching moment to reflect on the image that I want to give medepending on the circumstances of my professional activity. And I'm blown away !

The afternoon, with my 2 or 3 small accessories that I had changed into my uniform, I felt totally confident, and convinced …bingo…naturally convincing !
I still work, but it makes me a very foolish, délestais like I am a huge weight that was holding my progress…
Frankly, I recommend it to you…
Pascale told, after its intervention, certain.e.s de ses client.e.s (This is valid also for gentlemen) ... getting leaner while the first goal was to sort ! Notice to amateur.e.s !

Isabelle S. 55 years old, independent trainer, 75012 Paris, November 2018