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I knew Fashion Lab through a friend and her husband who have used this service. I was also at a time when I wanted to change and see my picture, in particular through a kind of “makeover”: what suits me or not in terms of color and morphology, inter alia.

With this provision, I could determine my styles depending on my professional and personal life. It also allowed me to make my account, through the dressing Detox, outfits / clothes that put me in value. The photos are made put more light, the work done during my detox.

In this continuity, during personal shopping, I was mature to initiate changes (except for the dresses, but since it's walk and I bought two !) whether in terms of colors, materials and models.

Being in tune with clothes-which we value- m’a permis to gain more confidence in me over my Head stationcrib and with respect to 15 I manage employees but also in my personal life.

I received compliments from the family environment as the workplace…

I'll be tempted by a new session and recommend Pascale around me who wants to work his image / look.

Based M., 34 years old, framework nursery manager, 95 Val d'Oise, June 2018