testimony 81 prog IFB david biraud

#Extremely positive feedback from this work on the image during the competition week

My meeting with Pascale, for find my brand image, refine and exploit it intervened during my participation at the World Competition Sommeliers 2019.

During this competition, the international world of sommellerie is present, scrutinizes, analysis, and create a vision before you even see & heard the sommeliers at work.

His approach in terms of personalized style allowed me to better experience the different moments of the competition, diners, gala money, visits, conferences, and finally the competition workshops themselves.
The results were very conclusive, and reassuring. I no longer had a conscience when it came to choosing my clothes, and what to associate for the different moments.

An anecdote ?

My competitor outfit, elegant, well cut, and bringing charisma and an image of excellence as a professional up shoes ! Then, phenomenal success, everyone told me that I had the most beautiful shoes of the competition and in total agreement with my costume (and wines?).

So a very positive return of this work, in view of the multitude of positive comments about my outfits during the week of competition. Thank you

David BIRAUD Vice World Champion (silver medal) Sommeliers 2016
Meilleur Ouvrier De France Sommelier 2004 Best Sommelier of France 2002, 47 years old, head Sommelier / Restaurant Manager CUSTOM by Thierry Marx – Mandarin Oriental Paris 1is, 2019