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#I was impressed by the quality of the service ... and everything is played in the details

Why use Fashion Lab ?

Fashion Lab proposed a custom sign boards on the visual image to be consistent with his professional environment. It is an approach that I had in mind for some time because I wanted to take care of my physical appearance but I had difficulty finding clothes adapted to my morphology and my tastes.

The session was interesting and gave me some keys to understanding. Also I wanted to go further and trust to Fashion Lab for a personal shopping session.

What were your expectations ?

At a time when I had to redo my wardrobe, the goal was to make the right choices. Find clothes that match my personality, accessories that give a little extra, Professional outfits appropriate to the circumstances.

For the personal shopping the location of the pieces allows huge time saver. Because the pieces had been preselected and corresponded to my tastes. I was impressed by the quality of the service: listening carefully, a response-to-measure, valuable advice and good taste. Indeed, everything is in the details and sometimes a small editing to which we would not have thoughtis necessary so that the garment is better adapted to the morphology.

Furthermore, I discovered new brands, both for the clothes to accessories.

Fashion Lab's style advice and support allowed me to be more comfortable during my professional meetings.

for example, I like to wear colorful clothes. I felt very good in the fall colors that Pascale offered me . They really match my tastes.

Tempted by a new session ?

Yes, for the spring summer collection 2020

Dominique F., independent consultant , purchasing sector , Paris , November 2019