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Launching my business in the digital services, I wanted to put the odds on my side. A guided my professional wardrobe overhaul was needed. The meeting with Pascale LEULIET was timely.

His first response was to understand what I was looking for and what message I wanted to convey, and set color / morphology that were associated with my physical characteristics. Ensuite, painful moment "Dressing Detox", she reviewed my closet : two batteries, we keep and throw. You decide the amount of "thrown". That said it is not so painful it, since the approach is rational Pascale. And within oneself, we already knew !

Brief, efficient and productive service. I hastened to write me a report of all its many details to fix and fully understand the.

The next step ? Pascale offered me a session of "Personal Shopper" in this sales period. I hesitated ... And I told myself that accompanied this shopping experience should be lived well to conclude the "Dressing Detox ”.

Appointment is taken. I agree Pascale in a private room and I am glad that it has already selected a range of articles by my standards and specifications previously defined. I readily admit that it was a real pleasure and more of a real time-saver : no fruitless search, no re dressing between two tests, no tail, no stampede. And more, I think I would never have found alone as many coins for the final investment. A TRUE success this benefit.

Bravo Pascale, I was won !

Nicolas B., CEO Ste LOCASSE, Digital services company positioned on IT support, 92 Hauts-de-Seine, June July 2019