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Witness 86 BUSINESS FOR IMAGE Valerie H video

A customer testimonial: “Investing in your professional image”

Interview of clients Managers & entrepreneurs sharing their experience & the benefits for visible and measurable results in their professional and personal image.

VALERIE H., CEO of MERCHUNIQ, Paris 75004, February 2020

Testimony 85 PERSONAL SHOPPING emilie P

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

# What I would remember? Trying on things I never would have worn… to please yourself, to dare & to assume

I called on Fashion Lab for a Personal Shopper session following a gift from my husband.

It was an opportunity for me to 35 years especially for taking time for me, to assert myself in one or more personal looks (and not professional because I wear a uniform). I was able to choose between the shopping option in the stores or a reservation of a privatized lounge for the occasion.

According to the identified shops, Pascale m’a Showed things I never would have watched, Tried things I never would have worn, all in good humor and sharing.

What I will take away from this session,


And the little advice distilled as the session progresses

  • How to build a look over time by combining basic and strong pieces
  • How to tie your scarf differently for more style,
  • The right cut of jeans,
  • Which shoe for which outfit,
  • The association of colors,
  • Dare to print….),
  • Discovery of brands that I did not know and that suit me

This experience gave me more self-confidence., to regain a taste for getting dressed every morning by really thinking about it, to make associations with the clothes I had in my wardrobe with the ones I bought. After this experience, my entourage was conquered by my choices and encourages me to continue in this….:-)

The session 3 h is passed so fast (too much), because once launched we still have more questions, other desires …This is why I think repeat the experience to consolidate what has been seen and discover something else may be for summer….

I really liked this exchange, I definitely recommend around me either for personal or professional world, man or woman regardless of age: this will take stock of itself, her closets ,the image we have of ourselves and that which we refer to others.

Finally, I really want to thank Pascale, for his availability, good humor, his smile, this desire to transmit, patience, WELL this ability to identify people in all some questions respecting their personality and desires.

Thanks to Pascale, this session n’ that has not been shopping but also a focus on self, interior renewal.

Emilie P. , 35 years old, Housekeeper in a hotel 4 stars, Paris , January 2020


Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

# I have already taken more confidence in me during my appointment and entertainment customers after this session

For my birthday I was offered a meeting with Pascale Personal Shopping. I must admit I was both excited and anxious because I have no taste for shopping and this mainly because je n’ai aucune idée de ce qui me va.

Mon corps a beaucoup changé depuis que je suis maman et pourtant il faut bien s’habiller, et ma garde robe laissait beaucoup à désirer surtout dans le champ professionnel en tant que psychologue, coach et formatrice indépendante.

Dès la prise de contact Pascale a été chaleureuse et m’a rassurée et nous avons commencé le travail. Le jour J, Pascale avait sélectionné plein de belles pièces dont beaucoup que je n’aurais jamais pensé essayer mais je suis repartie avec de quoi sérieusement renouveler ma garde robe.

J’ai rapidement compris que je ne connaissais ni la taille, ni les couleurs ou les coupes qui m’allaient. Pascale was able to choose pieces that suited my personality and my morphology and I have already gained more self-confidence during my events and client meetings. I no longer feel like I look like a teenager from the top of my 37 years and I feel more legitimate and more feminine.

I recommend Fashion Lab's image consulting services to anyone who wants to hear it, especially since. quite a few people sensed that something had changed in my attitude. Mylene P CEO of KANTYS accounting.

Thank you again for this experiment.

Camille J. 38 years old , Work Psychologist, coach & Rapid Transformational Therapist, 75020 Paris , December 2019

witness 83 BUSINESS FOR IMAGE amelie video

A customer testimonial: " the clothes do not make the man , but it contributes "

Interview of clients Managers & entrepreneurs sharing their experience & the benefits for visible and measurable results in their professional and personal image.

Amelie M., CEO of Commercial SANDER TRAINING, Paris 75015, 2019

witness 82 MASTER CLASS personal shopping Dominique F

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

#I was impressed by the quality of the service ... and everything is played in the details

Why use Fashion Lab ?

Fashion Lab proposed a custom sign boards on the visual image to be consistent with his professional environment. It is an approach that I had in mind for some time because I wanted to take care of my physical appearance but I had difficulty finding clothes adapted to my morphology and my tastes.

The session was interesting and gave me some keys to understanding. Also I wanted to go further and trust to Fashion Lab for a personal shopping session.

What were your expectations ?

At a time when I had to redo my wardrobe, the goal was to make the right choices. Find clothes that match my personality, accessories that give a little extra, Professional outfits appropriate to the circumstances.

For the personal shopping the location of the pieces allows huge time saver. Because the pieces had been preselected and corresponded to my tastes. I was impressed by the quality of the service: listening carefully, a response-to-measure, valuable advice and good taste. Indeed, everything is in the details and sometimes a small editing to which we would not have thoughtis necessary so that the garment is better adapted to the morphology.

Furthermore, I discovered new brands, both for the clothes to accessories.

Fashion Lab's style advice and support allowed me to be more comfortable during my professional meetings.

for example, I like to wear colorful clothes. I felt very good in the fall colors that Pascale offered me . They really match my tastes.

Tempted by a new session ?

Yes, for the spring summer collection 2020

Dominique F., independent consultant , purchasing sector , Paris , November 2019

testimony 81 prog IFB david biraud

#Extremely positive feedback from this work on the image during the competition week

My meeting with Pascale, for find my brand image, refine and exploit it intervened during my participation at the World Competition Sommeliers 2019.

During this competition, the international world of sommellerie is present, scrutinizes, analysis, and create a vision before you even see & heard the sommeliers at work.

His approach in terms of personalized style allowed me to better experience the different moments of the competition, diners, gala money, visits, conferences, and finally the competition workshops themselves.
The results were very conclusive, and reassuring. I no longer had a conscience when it came to choosing my clothes, and what to associate for the different moments.

An anecdote ?

My competitor outfit, elegant, well cut, and bringing charisma and an image of excellence as a professional up shoes ! Then, phenomenal success, everyone told me that I had the most beautiful shoes of the competition and in total agreement with my costume (and wines?).

So a very positive return of this work, in view of the multitude of positive comments about my outfits during the week of competition. Thank you

David BIRAUD Vice World Champion (silver medal) Sommeliers 2016
Meilleur Ouvrier De France Sommelier 2004 Best Sommelier of France 2002, 47 years old, head Sommelier / Restaurant Manager CUSTOM by Thierry Marx – Mandarin Oriental Paris 1is, 2019

testimony 80 Business for image BRUNO LESCURE

FASHION LAB A customer testimonial: ” Booster son image pro”

Interview of clients Managers & entrepreneurs sharing their experience & profits leading to visible and measurable results in their professional and personal image.

Bruno L. , 51 years old, CEO and founder Xmentor, Mentoring / coaching for leaders, Levallois 92, November 2019

witness 78 P shopping coralie Gi

Shopping Services, Paris Fashionlab service, on

# This work on the picture will improve my conversion rate

I wanted to be accompanied by an image professional because I know how important this is in business.
I did not always feel in line with the universe of my prospects. I didn’t always feel comfortable in my outfits.

Thanks to Pascale and her valuable advice, I gained confidence, ce qui est primordial dans le poste de business developer que j’occupe.
Je suis sûre que ce travail sur l’image va améliorer mon taux de transformation et donc m’aider à signer plus 😉

Coralie G.,31ans, responsable commerciale chez Booster Academy , Issy 92 , October 2019

witness 77 Pshopping colorimetrie LS Q

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

#I had a crush on almost all the pieces offered !

“I called on Pascale during a professional retraining.
I needed to rework my image and feel confident to take on a new challenge.

The colorimetry and morphology session prior to shopping allowed me to keep only the things that highlighted me and to appreciate the selection for the shopping meeting to define new biases in my wardrobe.

The private shopping session gave me some nice surprises. I had a crush on almost all the pieces offered !

I highly recommend Pascale's expertise to anyone who wishes to be assured of feeling in tune with her professional image.. ”
Thank you !

LS., 35 years old, IT software executive, Paris 14is, September 2019

witness 76 image for business eric henrion

#An obvious time saver and sound advice…

Par sms :" I became aware of the need to have a coherent image with my activities and my values .
Earnings? Introduction to shopping and the art of clothing. An obvious time saver and sound advice.

What results ?
I now have clothing adapted to different circumstances = + of confidence, + of recognition. + fit between who we are, what we do and what we stand for !
I recommend this support to Seniors or start-upers.
Anyone wishing to achieve coherence between being, do it and seem it.

Eric H. , 58 years old, slasher entrepreneur in immo &wellness coaching center, Paris 8is , June 2019

Testimony 75 detox dressing personal shopping nicolas B

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

Launching my business in the digital services, I wanted to put the odds on my side. A guided my professional wardrobe overhaul was needed. The meeting with Pascale LEULIET was timely.

His first response was to understand what I was looking for and what message I wanted to convey, and set color / morphology that were associated with my physical characteristics. Ensuite, painful moment "Dressing Detox", she reviewed my closet : two batteries, we keep and throw. You decide the amount of "thrown". That said it is not so painful it, since the approach is rational Pascale. And within oneself, we already knew !

Brief, efficient and productive service. I hastened to write me a report of all its many details to fix and fully understand the.

The next step ? Pascale offered me a session of "Personal Shopper" in this sales period. I hesitated ... And I told myself that accompanied this shopping experience should be lived well to conclude the "Dressing Detox ”.

Appointment is taken. I agree Pascale in a private room and I am glad that it has already selected a range of articles by my standards and specifications previously defined. I readily admit that it was a real pleasure and more of a real time-saver : no fruitless search, no re dressing between two tests, no tail, no stampede. And more, I think I would never have found alone as many coins for the final investment. A TRUE success this benefit.

Bravo Pascale, I was won !

Nicolas B., CEO Ste LOCASSE, Digital services company positioned on IT support, 92 Hauts-de-Seine, June July 2019

Testimony 74 Personal shopping Leila M

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

Before the appointment of personal shopping, I identified quite accurately the basic missing in my closet, and wanted to save time by using a private stylist as Pascale, and benefit from its advice based on my style and my morphology.

My expectations were completed my closet, and if possible, find items that I would not have identified only (often, I'm attracted to the same style of clothing.)

This session allowed me to broaden the range of clothes I wear by the expert eye of an image consultant.

What were the answers to your expectations ? First I discovered forms of jeans that I thought did not suit me, Ditto for soft jackets and renew my style through this personal shopping .

What accompanying Fashion Lab have they improved your everyday work ?

I won legitimacy.

I felt elegant and entrenched at an important appointment with labor administration and I read the admiration of some of my interlocutors on their face.

For next season, why not keep going and look Pascale with a specific search “accessories”.

Leila M., 47 years old, independent consultant, May 2019

Testimony 73 personal shopping C T

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I contacted Fashion Lab to renew me, to change my dressing room and my professional posture.

What did you expect when this support ?

being bolder in my image by the choice of clothing items

What have you discovered in this session ?

During our shopping, orientation on pieces that I would never have brought in terms of color, reasons, the discovery of new creative brands or designers, personalized advice on mixing outfits.

An anecdote from the session ?

I wished differentiation in my meetings, I was noticed with pants with bold patterns.

I look forward to renewing my professional wardrobe each season during shopping sessions with Pascale.

Christine T., 50 years old, independent consultant , more 2019

Testimony 72 Personal shopping V L

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

Why appealing to Fashion Lab ?

My first experience with Fashion Lab corresponded to a job change. It was a way to feel ready to face this new challenge.

I have little time to devote to shopping, too many choices, therefore Board of delivering image allows me to save time while making sure that the chosen garments will adapted to my professional background and my personality.

Obviously this also allows me to discover parts heart stroke that I would not have spontaneously purchased. Exemple des slippers imprimés que j’ai mariés avec tous mes pantalons et que je n’aurais jamais achetées spontanément. Ils ont eu beaucoup de succès.

Cet accompagnement en style me permet de comprendre quelle palette de couleurs me convenait le mieux et to assert my business style around a few key pieces : pants / shirts / jackets easy to coordinate to have some outfits "winning".

It's a Expert and caring look that showcases to select items or combinations of items that I would not have chosen spontaneously.

Thank you Pascale

Véronique, 51 years old, IT sector commercial director, 78 Celle St Cloud, Avril 2019

Testimony 71 M HIL PS LB

Choosing The "Image for Business", My goal was to be advised by an expert in self-image to change my style and meet my new professional position while remaining who I am.

Indeed, personalized image advice corresponding to my professional challenges and tailor-made support up to personal shopping allowed me to add an extra thickness to my personality.

I consider that using image consulting services as Pascale suggests is not an expense but much more !

I invested in me – even.

I recommend Fashion Lab's image consulting services to anyone who wants to hear it, especially since, quite a few people sensed that something had changed in my attitude : +15% Mylene P!

Thank you Pascale

CEO of KANTYS, 41 years old, independent consultant , Paris 15is, Avril 2019

Testimony 70 Dd and col nathalie w

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

accounting I plan to make training videos away but Youtube channel. I was looking for a personal and professional identity to present.

With his expert eye and his kindness, Pascale a su advise me what my clothing signature could be for my visual communication.

She was able to spot in my wardrobe the common point drowned under the mass of clothes and that the common man does not notice. In addition, she advised me in hairstyle and makeup to create harmony in my appearance and make visible the oral message that I wanted to convey to the target audience..

It feels good to take care of yourself through an expert.

To be repeated regularly

Nathalie W. 40 years old, trainer ste NWR formation, Rueil Malmaison, 92 avril 2019


Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I called Fashion lab because I needed to establish my new position as a female entrepreneur after 13 years of employment. In addition, my status as a young mother had accustomed me to a simple wardrobe, filled with comfortable clothes and shoes without touch of particular colors.

Before each client appointment, the issue of my professional attire worried me more than the presentation of my work I realized that I mixed styles. So I need an expert to help me find the style that is consistent with my position.

With sessions colorimetry / morphology and personal shopping, I learned more easily identify parts and colors that make me value. I found a style in line with my personality. I also discovered outfits that I never thought I'd try alone.

Today, I leave ,by appointment Customers, confident and I feel my new outfits reassured my interlocutors.

I am tempted to repeat the experience for winter outfits :)

Magali D., 38 years old, founder of DiaLea, Digital Marketing Consultant, Levallois 92, mars 2019

Testimony 68 Bruno L

For everything to be successful, everything must be met. That's why I recommend the full program “Image for business” .

The results were very quick!

Why ?
Because this evolution allowed me to be aligned with who I am and to feel perfectly good with my perceived image. I now have a greater impact on my customers and my audience during my Mentoring/coaching and during my conferences /MasterClass/masterMind.

I give coherence to my know-how , I feel better. I have saved precious time and efficiency thanks to personal shopping and I continue to do so thanks to the Detox dressing and with the personalized Book.

Je suis ravi d’avoir vécu cette expérience que je recommande à tous dirigeants et managers;

Notre image est notre branding.

Those who want to feel good in a style that matches their impact and aligned with perceived image, should be coach for the next level in their results ! I feel better and aligned : a look that suits me and more impact !

All this is thanks to the professionalism of Pascale, its requirement and kindness at all stages. Thank you Pascale !

Bruno L. , 51 years old, CEO and founder Xmentor, Mentoring / coaching for leaders, Levallois 92, February 2019

witness 67 Mylene P.

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I appealed to Fashion Lab, because I too casual style compared to my profession, and I'm not taken seriously by my clients doing very young.

I wanted to better define my style in general. I wanted to learn how to organize and optimize my dressing room and better identify the parts according to my style during personal shopping.

I received personalized answers: clean storage tips for my home, color advice in connection with my personality, the discovery of clothes I never would have tried .

The advice and support of Pascale improved my daily.

it Is win a lot of time preparing now with the assurance that I make the right choice to feel better during the meeting important clients.

I am excited to complete this reflection with a new session next season.

I recommend Fashion Lab's image consulting services to anyone who wants to hear it, especially since quite a few people sensed that something had changed in my attitude !

Mylene P. 35 years old , CEO of KANTYS , accounting , Paris 19 , December 2018

Testimony 66 Elisabeth S

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

received by Sms

” Pshopping colorimetrie LS Q I had a crush on almost all the pieces offered “I called on Pascale during a professional retraining I needed to rework my image and feel confident to take on a new challenge The.

colorimetry and morphology session prior to shopping, Pshopping colorimetrie LS Q nor attention, and I don't have to think about it anymore. I enjoyed the time we spent together .

Thanks again !”

Elisabeth S. 48 years old, CMO in medical sector, 92 Meudon, December 2018

65 J savoye video testimony

FASHION LAB A customer testimonial: ” The image is 1 000 words ”

Interviews customers & that tell their experience & profits leading to visible and measurable results in their professional and personal image.

José S., founding partner CEO Wellpartnr, Strategy & Growth, Issy les Moulineaux 92, November 2018

witness 64 s diat video

FASHION LAB A customer testimonial: ” The image helps to be purchased ”

Interviews customers & that tell their experience & profits leading to visible and measurable results in their professional and personal image.

Sylvie D.Directrice Booster Academy, Issy les Moulineaux 92 , October 2018

Testimony 63 SYLVIE C PS AND LB

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on Style Book, Paris Fashionlab service, on
I had already used Pascale Dressing for Detox and a shopping session at 2 occasions.

Today I was missing a tool to better know all my marriedclothing and accessories in my dressing room and have new looks.

And especially, do not ask me questions, the morning. I have only to choose a page of my custom look book and voila. This saves me a lot of time and relieves my mind of not having to think for 2 h that I'll put the next day.

The result of the look book is top notch ! very functional, with new looks / associations I would not dare deal with one and full of tricks.

So I wear parts and also some colors I would not have bought for myself or combine together and yet go very well and I like very much.

From, I regularly received compliments on some strong pieces : coat, accessories…

Satisfied with the services Pascale, I have already recommended it 2 of my friends !!

Sylvie C. 49 years old, CEO , ma has positive, 92 Meudon, November 2018

Testimony 62 isabelle sthemer dd

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on
Message spotted on facebook :

Yesterday morning, I had #DressingDetox with my friend Pascale Leuliet of Fashion Lab. And it was like a big fall cleanup ! The discovery of nuggets, the massive destruction of rustling past that no longer resembles me, confirming some of my natural orientations, codes of discovery which I am totally fourvoyais…

what fuck especially a great coaching moment to reflect on the image that I want to give medepending on the circumstances of my professional activity. And I'm blown away !

The afternoon, with my 2 or 3 small accessories that I had changed into my uniform, I felt totally confident, and convinced …bingo…naturally convincing !
I still work, but it makes me a very foolish, délestais like I am a huge weight that was holding my progress…
Frankly, I recommend it to you…
Pascale told, after its intervention, certain.e.s de ses client.e.s (This is valid also for gentlemen) ... getting leaner while the first goal was to sort ! Notice to amateur.e.s !

Isabelle S. 55 years old, independent trainer, 75012 Paris, November 2018

Testimony 61 magali H. PS Personal shoping

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

” At the ? I was asked by a training organization for occasional trainer station.

Their clients are banks and insurance. I have to meet a person of that training organization. Could you advise me an outfit ? ”

” My interview went well. Thank you for selecting clothes to embody a professional image because it allowed me to go to the interview in confidence“.

Magali H, 40 years old, independent trainer, 75015 Paris, October 2018

Testimony 60 bernadette U PS Personal shoping

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on
As part of my professional repositioning as an independent consultant, it was quite natural that I called on Fashion Lab again..
The first prescriptions made their way into salaried employment but it was during meetings at professional shows that it confirmed to me that image was important !

My wish to be visible on the networks in order to increase my notoriety, needed to be consistent with my specificities.

Also I expected from Pascale that my current wardrobe created during our previous meetings would serve as a basis for the new looks to be created with my image.

I am fully satisfiedThis second provision which allows me to have a new full and harmonious range during our personal shopping.
Here I am so ready for the conquest of this new challenge !

Bernadette U. 57 years old, consultant in business organization, 92 Châtillon, September 2018

Testimony 59 c V IFB programme Image for business

I did call to Fashion Lab to improve my business Head image, be guided in choosing cuts and colors and give coherence to my locker room.

I have had the answers on the selection of basic and accessories, how to organize the dressing, understand how to choose clothes and do retouching, be much more selective in purchases, to quickly decide how to dress in the morning with my book.

it help me feel more confident in my job and to better represent my companyin public relations and professional networks.

I was complimented by a collaborator and my entourage. I have more confidence in me in meetings and appointment Business.

A winter session ? But at a time when I can generate enough time but I won in the Personal Shopping.

I recommend Fashion Lab if the opportunity presents itself to my professional colleagues.

Cecile V., CEO, higher education sector, 75019 Paris, July 2018

Testimony 58 Based Detox D PShop

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I knew Fashion Lab through a friend and her husband who have used this service. I was also at a time when I wanted to change and see my picture, in particular through a kind of “makeover”: what suits me or not in terms of color and morphology, inter alia.

With this provision, I could determine my styles depending on my professional and personal life. It also allowed me to make my account, through the dressing Detox, outfits / clothes that put me in value. The photos are made put more light, the work done during my detox.

In this continuity, during personal shopping, I was mature to initiate changes (except for the dresses, but since it's walk and I bought two !) whether in terms of colors, materials and models.

Being in tune with clothes-which we value- m’a permis to gain more confidence in me over my Head stationcrib and with respect to 15 I manage employees but also in my personal life.

I received compliments from the family environment as the workplace…

I'll be tempted by a new session and recommend Pascale around me who wants to work his image / look.

Based M., 34 years old, framework nursery manager, 95 Val d'Oise, June 2018

Testimony 57 Detox dressing personal shopping Benjamin M

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

4 months later ...

Sms Saturday 8:23 "Hello Pascale, I hope you are well. It was just to thank you.

The costumes really fit me well. I have had many positive remarks about it every time.

And yesterday a journalist that I see regularly told that I dressed better than before for some time!

I've found that I was more assertive with my own style .We mark me as the decision maker in a group , at an event .

See you in September for a shopping ".

Benjamin M. CEO, The general company, communications sector, 75004 Paris, June 2018

Testimony 56 PS S ducazaux

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on

I had the chance to meet and work with Pascale there some time, as a personal shopper for a beautiful and unforgettable day !

The dream for any woman and effect “Cinderella” the end of the day, my leaving the good fairy godmother ; day that show all too quickly, so I felt pampered me, heard, recommended, surrounded, spoiled in the middle of these clothes / shoes one more beautiful than the other, Selected for me ! A bubble of happiness !

So I loved the advice Pascale, provided his voice so sweet, know the colors that fit me , I let myself refer to clothes that I will not be selected, without any constraint, Pascale because all the tact to suggest , direct towards, without forcing or judge.

This day will be a wonderful time,my only regret is to live far from Paris if I will renew this experience because today as many women, surely biased by too many brands, too many images on Instagram…I overextend myself and certainly disperses me and guide me trained eye.
So if I can express a wish, this is the one to relive such a day of personal shopping with him !

Hope Pascale.
Stay well.

Sandra D., 40 years old, Entrepreneurs-slasheuse, 33 Gironde, more 2018

Personal Shopper,personal shopping,on Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

The experiences of Dressing Detox and my look Personal shopper business were very rewarding.

I discovered the colors that fit me well and I finally abandoned my black and white world, in retrospect I find very dull and sad.

I loved the selection of clothes made by Pascale. She really the eye of a professional.

Au final, I feel better in my clothes, with new colors and new looks more professional and more women.

A big thank you to Pascale for his kindness and professionalism.

I highly recommend this adventure to all !

Sylvie C., 48 years old, The CEO has positive , Top Seine, Meudon 92, October 2017