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Why did you use a image consulting ?

I wished enjoy the look of a professionaland partly renew my locker but especially strengthen my professional posture.

Why did you choose Fashion Lab ?

The Pascale approach is based on the study of your personality, your influences and your expectations. There is a real thought and a will to know his client.

What advice have you retained and enjoyed because specific to your needs ?

Pascale has perfectly orient myself on my colorimetry, to change my dress style by choosing double cocktail wear parts and discovered day by appointment for other brands .I business. I discovered the opportunities available to me.

Would you recommend the Fashion Lab benefits ? I'm a fan ! I recommend it to all those who wish to renew and spend a pleasant time.

At what point REFER appeal to Fashion Lab services ? Certainly in the fall / winter next ...

Christine T. , 40 years old, Independent Consultant in Finance, 95 Antony , mars 2018