Testimony 54 IFB E K

I just grow professionally, I have taken on new responsibilities : I needed to change my image and adapt to my new positionet à mon nouvel environnement professionnel. Plus personnellement, j’avais besoin de changements et de faire évoluer mon look : ma vie a changé, je suis jeune maman, je suis plus mûre, j’avais besoin d’adapter mon image à mon style de vie et à la femme que je suis désormais. Finally, j’ai toujours eu envie de bénéficier des conseils d’une professionnelle : savoir ce qui me va et ce qui ne me va pas, avoir de nouvelles idées et être en mesure de me renouveler grâce à un œil professionnel et objectif.

Why did you choose Fashion Lab ?

Fashion Lab m’a été conseillée par une relation professionnelle, I have not compared to the competition because she was delighted with the service provided. I wanted to call someone you trust rather than introduce competition.

What advice have you retained and enjoyed because specific to your needs ?

All tips were excellent : I remember above all the advice on color preference, shapes, the combinations that can be made and to renew its everyday look, makeup and hair tips. Today, I am very comfortable with my image and gaining a lot of time every day: I'm sure to have a look and dress appropriate to the circumstances and my professional appointment, sans perdre de temps, sans avoir besoin de réfléchir plusieurs heures à ma tenue. So I also remember the practical and useful. Finally, Pascale has respected my personality : all proposals and suggestions are very loyal to the person I am. It was most important to me.

I will ever call, this winter, to complete the work together.

In addition : hair is really super. I have many compliments every day since 10 days, and it's true that it really changes.. Everyone told me “it is modern” :) Real change. Your makeup tips helped a lot too : easy to implement and real change.

All outfits are top, I do not regret buying !

So a big thank you !

Eve K.,38 ans, logistics and marketing director, telephony sector, 93 Bagnolet, avril 2018