Testimony 49 Detox dressing

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

“I loved this time just for me, everything stops and thinks only one thing, reach its target : be beautiful in the clothes you already have and those we may acquire, thanks to the invaluable help of Pascale during Dressing Detox.

Knowing involve its parts, find the colors and shapes that will make us more attractive, building silhouettes that will give us more confidence.

Furthermore, Pascale turned my dressing nice shop, I have great pleasure in admiring each day, and find the best pieces that fit my schedule.

I applied for additional small tricks :lighting in my closet, a peg to prepare my outfit of the day.
It is a beautiful experience that I recommend to every woman to live. Pascale with her stylist talent gave me the momentum for change.”

Christine N., 43 years old, responsable sourcing, female PAP sector, 75015 Paris , December 2017