witness 48 Detox dressing et personal shopping

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A first : How in a week I did the sorting my closet by daring to remove what's me, effectively classify my pieces "valid", to edit parts in need and shop to complete my outfits and have outfits perfect in my eyes and in the very pro look Pascale. !

A very different shopping of what I used to do. I, who works in heart stroke usually, Pascale there was preselected me all necessary parts : in one morning, all B to Ba held business was in my dressing room with touches of "madness".

It's like I do my shopping list for lunch. With a list, I focus on what I really need.

In my wardrobe today, I now have everything you need with optimized budget.

It was a first experience that I highly recommend. You gain in insurance, effectiveness. A remarkable time savings.

Thank you Pascale !

Sylvie C., 49 years old, CEO Coach & Cook, management by the kitchen, 92 high-seine, December 2017