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“Experience with multiple effects.
For a long time, the accompaniment of a personal shopper tempted me about asking me what this would bring me. I was convinced to know my tastes, my favourite brands and already have a substantial wardrobe.
All this, that was before ! Before attempting the "pretty woman" experience in the company of Pascale...
A sequence of 3 hours:, preceded by a telephone survey precise and efficient, made me discover the happiness of be taken into hands, Discover marks ( affordable), that I didn't, daring outfits, which I I would never stop single and extremely satisfactory shopping. If we add that all purchases has been delivered to me in the 2 hours that followed my sequence to my home experience was unique.
The second satisfaction , I found it in the admiring glances and complimentary of my entourage notes when I brought my new outfits : a dress portfolio, a tunic,…
This gain of time, This discovery, and these positive returns , I owe it to the professionalism of Pascale, expertise, to listen and softness.

As for me, I eagerly await the summer season…”

Sandrine, 47 years old, CEO of IAB France, Paris.