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The image that self-given reveals a lot about us and we can put in value or otherwise serve us.

With its long experience in fashion design fashion industry and its outside look, Pascale's role is to guide us to retain appropriate outfits in the image we wish to convey our professional universe.

I well learned to choose colors that flatter myself and clothing sections highlighting my figure…. This resulted in a large household in my closet.

likewise, the organization of the dressing room and the little space that I not respite, faisaient que je « tournais » avec seulement quelques vêtements.

Pascale we could test different combinations and supplements to provide.

I now feel more comfortable in these outfits appropriate to my clients and my business.

Mes contacts m’ont d’ailleurs fait la remarque et j’ai pu approcher des cibles de clientèle plus en phase avec celles que je recherchais et ai ainsi vu progress of my CA 20%.

My wife also enjoyed seeing me change my clothes and m & rsquo; found rejuvenated.

Merci Pascale »

Sylvain R., 45 years old, corporate freelance photographer , 92 Neuilly / Seine, June 2017