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“I first worked with Pascale in October 2016 on my signature style and soon called upon Pascale’s services in June 2017 for a specific personal shopping session.

I was indeed really wanting to, on the one hand, identify my own style as the owner of a business, since I am myself constantly liaising with organisations, executives, lawyers and legal services, each with a number of underlying codes, however subtle. It was also about determining and adapting a number of outfits to particular events. What should I wear for such occasion? How is the message I want to leave my interlocutors with going to be perceived? Is my message going to be viewed the same way?

Pascale is a highly professional and efficient person, with a gentle yet bold and daring approach. A true breath of fresh air! With the help of Pascale, I am now able to go on areas I would never have dreamt of, while revealing a true and aligned image of myself as an woman entrepreneur. The suggested combinations are perfect, and I feel great in all situations: a personal positive image and consistent messages! I recommend to anyone! Thank you so much, Pascale. ”

After a first call for Pascale in October 2016 around my dress signing, I appealed to Pascale again in June 2017 at a session of personal shopping.

I was looking indeed, at a time, firstly to identify my own style to assert my corporate leadership status, since myself in constant contact with organizations and leaders, even business law and legal advice firms., whose codes, even subtle, do exist after all.

On the other hand, it was also adapt my outfits such as certain special events. What put to such an opportunity ? He will be perceived messages that I want to transmit?

Professional, effective, gentle but bold, accompaniment by Pascale was a real breath of fresh air. Pascale was able to get me on the grounds that I did not dare imagine, to reveal a picture of me totally aligned with my entrepreneurial journey. The associations that are perfect Pascale offers, I finally feel myself in all circumstances, because I know My image is finally consistent with my speech. I definitely recommend !
Thank you so much, Pascale.

Gabrielle M. – 47 years old, CEO Life in english , Meudon 92 – June 2017