Witness 25, Course "Signature Dress"

Course Signature Dress on

"A Christmas Gift" hopping by VIP " allowed me to meet Pascale two years ago. Arrival "a little stressed" this session, I was greeted, Recommended with ease but with great professionalism : a maximum of shopping in a minimum of time. Perfect for those who lack the time to care for themselves !

This wonderful experience made me want to go further and this year we attacked with Pascale my "sartorial signature" ...

Having understood perfectly my expectations, the limits not to be exceeded, avoid styles, Pascale sorted, keep, enlevé et remixé tout mon dressing, en associant savamment anciennes et nouvelles pièces et accessoires.

Son efficacité est impressionnante !

Obligée d’admettre, il faut faire confiance à Pascale : le vêtement sur lequel vous vous demandez : “vous êtes sûre Pascale que c’est pour moi??”… C’est celui qui aura le plus de succès !

A big thank you Pascale. ”

Imola F.- professional- 77 Tournan en Brie- October 2016.