Witness 23, Course "Signature Dress"

Course Signature Dress on

I decided to offer me a nice experience for me and my well being through support offered by Pascale. I wanted find more consistency with myself and my personality can also be through my appearance.

Pascale accompanied me with a comprehensive approach and caring. She was able to bring out my qualities, press my physical strengths and erase the other, very soflty. It accompanies renunciation with skill and knows how to create a full opening accomplice relationship.

My dressing room is now consistent with whom I, it is functional and tidy !

My outfits have found a new dynamism, Pascale has even emerged pieces that have found a new youth.
I feel bubbly and aligned with who I am !

Beyond a great experience, it was a new encounter with myself !

Sonia C. – HEA CEO consulting company – 92 Issy Les Moulineaux – October 2016