Fashion Style for professional photos

Fashion Style for pro pictures

How to dress for a successful professional photo ?
Here are some tips to help you find the right attitude in all circumstances.

You are targeting a “CORPORATE” universe
or “LIBERAL”, lawyer, bank, assurance…



The function code
It encourages an institutional portrait (static bust neutral background or office decor).
Image code
A rather dark structured jacket.
A sleek top clearing the neck (avoid the “shirt” collar that has become too classic), clear or bright colors in harmony with your skin tone and especially in the same style as the jacket, ("The Colour", next issue to come ...).

You are targeting an “INDEPENDENT” universe
(artiste, coaching , well-being sector…)



The function code
It allows d & rsquo; advantage of freedoms, d & rsquo; where a character portrait (bust with a singular gesture, background d & rsquo; colorful atmosphere or theatrical)
Image code
A blouse or a flexible mesh original style, light color, in harmony with your complexion (if printed, not too impressive grounds, not shine),

Accessories, Yes !

A necklace or d & rsquo loops; ear (but not both sets),
a ring size oversize.

Glasses, Yes or no ?

Glasses, Yes or no ?


Keep your glasses, to be recognized easily at d & rsquo; an appointment, d & rsquo; a meeting, d & rsquo; a networking.
A pair of well-chosen telescope gives character, originality and affirmation.

What colors, then ?



Black, it goes with everything ?
Often I am asked : “what if i wear black, it's good"
Non, black does not necessarily claim good taste ! Especially if it is associated with materials and colors that are not very subtle.
It exists, for every skin tone, a dark palette that will mark your uniqueness to the reader of your CV or your article.

So red ? that's happy !
Yes, if we know how to dose it subtly… otherwise we will only retain the red jacket in the foreground but not your image as a whole.
And so you will lose the non-verbal message you want to communicate around consistency…

Too many stories kill the intended message !

Pay attention to the excess and overstatement of details in your outfit, no disparate styles in clothing or accumulation of jewelry. Thinking to be on “your 31” and look neat, you will have the opposite effect on your interlocutor. It will leave a vision of your image, scattered, unstructured and non-hierarchical. Consider a few tenths of a second that you are not quite representative of the specific area.

So in summary ...

To appear successful and be congruent with the values ​​that you want to release at a first impression, Optimize your chances by being accompanied by an expert in defining your professional image !

"Knowing her dress signing gives consistency & confidence in his pace "


Pascale Leuliet
Private designer by passion