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Particular manufacturing control *


• Because everyone is free to invent his uniform, the manufacture proposes to combine the colors of the paintings, leathers, straps, handles and edges to infinity. This freedom illustrates one of the principles of L / Uniform : provide a colorful and warm world that everyone can combine according to his desires and tastes. All associations are possible between the colors of the canvas (a marine corps, blue side pockets and a front pocket red, for example) and those borders, strap, handles and leather pieces.


• Each of the pieces of a model is Assembly carefully. Reflecting this zip, inserted into strips of leather.

• Finally, to maintain its fetish bag, L/Uniform propose catering service. Strengthened seams, replacement borders, patches and laying it possible to give a second to his bag - or even third - life. As many alternatives made possible by the design of the factory : a team of skilled craftsmen, able to respond to each of the stages of manufacture.

Some creations…


D & rsquo; other creations :

Their first shop
Les essentiels – Sacs, bagages et ac accessoires du quotidien
21 Quai Malaquais, Paris 6e


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