witness 46 detox dressing

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

As a Banker, I work with and startuppers seeks to create a bond of trust by my professionalism but also by my appearance.

My previous image is not conveyed, finally, values ​​or message I wanted to convey in my professional look.

Through this session Dressing Detox, I learned a lot about me -even : for example, I now know what colors flatter me ( I do wrong with black, which is supposed to go with everything ...), which cuts and materials match my figure ( velvet yes , but not all colors, however my dresses associated with mesh vests are perfect) ; what clothes to keep or discard and organize my closet to better identify my outfits prof .

I have only one regret : not have done this much earlier !

A big thank-you !

Léonie L., 43 years old, commercial director of a business center dedicated to innovative companies, banking sector, 75 paris November 2017