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My experience with Pascale LEULIET was very positive. The meeting was a real trigger that much good in look that is worn on her outfit.

First of all, it helps make sense of her style of dressing and determine the lines of clear and relevant pipes.

Ensuite, this will take a different look and expert on his own wardrobe : which associations make sense, and which do not.

Finally, it also allows to plan for the future, for a procurement strategy.

The mind (finally) clear about what is appropriate to wear or not, we can do from the dress shopping with real rational objectives, and no longer propelled by the deals, on hazardous parts. The experiment is successful, and I think I'll take a second module "Personal shopping "Pascale, because his expert eye can still bring me to this level.”

Nicolas W., 50 years old , designer brand names, CEO Nommart, Top Seine, Issy 92, November 2017