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Following its animation when afterwork "image for Business" in June, I had a good "fit" with Pascale. Although I love fashion, my expectations were to define my style, how to better identify the parts according to my style, organize my closet, discover a personalized selection and save time in the Personal Shopping.

The tips and accompaniment Pascale / Fashion Lab has improved my daily in making my new role : henceforth,
I understand more what suits me, I deleted making “young lady” and does not give the image of a decision maker.

Suite au Dressing Detox, j & rsquo; got compliments from my current colleagues who have seen this dress on me changing.

I'm farsighted and have already blocked all our shopping trip in September.
Since my wardrobe Detox, I immediately recommended Pascale, including gifts choice, I ask him for advice !

Cecile D., 39 years old, Director of BNPP trades programs, 75015 Paris, September 2017