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J’ai eu la chance de rencontrer Pascale, à titre professionnel dans un premier temps, pour une tenue à l’occasion du 2e lancement de notre salon annuel professionnel des vins.
The jumpsuit and shoes were perfect for enhancing my role as ambassador of the agency. To supplement my wardrobe for summer during the sales, I appealed to Fashion Lab. In 2 h time, Pascale was able to find my little treasures.
Outfits that I would never dare to buy and which matched me perfectly As for the form, the style and colors.
Loved the track making me discover and switch from one brand to another to try on clothes. Like the pieces of a puzzle that is assembled to reveal a comprehensive picture !
A great pleasure… The same evening I wore the first outfit !

Expérience à renouveler et à recommander

Delphine L. – 42 years old, assistante logistique de l ‘agence de vignerons « Papilles et Pupilles », 75003 Paris – June 2017