Witness 22, Course "Signature Dress"

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"By changing my responsibilities, I wished for a while and change adapt my wardrobe in my new role. I contacted Pascale who accompanied me on a journey Signature Business Dress for the Autumn / Winter 2016. A real joy ! We started by sorting all my clothes and "release" My dressing room. We have kept the pieces make me to value in the colors corresponding to my complexion. My dressing room began to breathe with me.

The parts to complete my dressing room were carefully selected and tested by Pascale at a session of Personal Shopping. Finally, a final session to integrate these pieces to my wardrobe and create various combinations of parts, accessories and colors completed the course. No more endless waiting in front of my closet, hesitations and last minute changes keeping.

There is a real before / after this course : I gained knowledge of colors, coupes, ways and combinations of parts that best fit my figure, all done with great attention and care. I've also to me a true guide I can see in the morning and choose immediately the outfit that makes me happy. I can only heartily recommend Pascale I would have trouble passing me ! ”

Boriana.G., 40 years old, associate lawyer in a business law firm – Paris 8e – November 2016