Witness 21, Dressing Detox, Anne S-R.

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on
"After my interview and analysis of responses to a questionnaire, Pascale came LEULIET examine my closet. And there, the diagnosis was, Detox dressing relentless ... urgent !
It does not hang. Efficiency, speed, firmness : we keep, is removed, we try, is associated, one class ... My dressing room had never seen it. Goodbye old outfits, clothing unsuitable for my body type and my style ; farewell colors that are not in my skin ... Today, Finished the stress and long standing stations to the closet wondering what to do and wear ... Today, my closet and I breathe with !
Thank you to Pascale for this pleasant moment spent in his company, advice and listening. It remains to complete my outfits through the delivery list. From now on, My dressing room will be worn as a charm for a long time ! As for me, I accumulate happily compliments.
I highly recommend the services of Pascale, detox, Everybody knows it, it is vital ! ”

Anne S-R. – 42 years old, Management of Aleyra (communication agency) – September 2016