Witness 19, Course "Signature Dress"

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"I was accompanied by Pascale in a journey" Signature Dress "Spring / Summer season 2016 the business aspect of my wardrobe. And there was a BEFORE and AFTER, coaching !

Indeed My main problem was the time I was spending the morning to choose the right outfit for the day to be sure that holding made me value, was what I was going to do in the day (Working on oral, Appointment…) and matched my personality. In fact, I always put the same things and always was projecting the same image that was not a style but something "classic" (Recommended for parts with vendors in color safely ,mainly black).

Pascale through this course with its diagnosis, its sorting recommendations and organization to my dressing room and its accompaniment in store for buying new pieces suited to my morphology allowed me to know my colors, materials and cuts that enhance my personality in my activity.

J’ai désormais également un guide avec des “tenues” complètes accessoirisées ce qui me permet de mémoriser et changer régulièrement de tenues sans perte de temps dans le choix et dans un style qui m’est propre et dans lequel je me sens bien tout en étant tout à fait adapté à mes exigences professionnelles. Je suis ravie de l’expérience et recommande le parcours total pour un impact garanti !

Céline F. – 47 years old – CEO d’une société de conseil – Paris – June 2016