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“At the request of my husband, I welcomed Pascale and its “Fashion tips ” facing my closet.
I have a dressing room (very) provided, and one (little) mess with "pre-made looks” and a variety of pieces in all styles.
My expectation was rather on the organization and optimization.
This Detox Dressing allowed me the distinction of winter-season-summer parts and
the need, at least, jackets + pants + tops nearby ( until then I séparais them in 2 different dressings, to 2 different floors of my house…)
Of course, have a full length mirror in my wardrobe …that I do not have !! hangers and also have adapted to the size T 36 are essential .
At the end of the session, mon dressing “to go to work” is more readable !
I have new ideas associations I put little pieces.
Pascale has a real added value !
Without trial, in listening, all tips are relevant : mix of colors, detection of "missteps", Parts Association.
I recommend this session for the day according to the size of the dressing and if it retains much …”

Sylvie , 47 years old, Human Resources Business Partner PSA, 92