Dressing Detox, witness 3 d’un client fashion lab Paris

Dressing Detox, Paris Fashionlab service, on

“I appealed to Pascale for a detox dressing for my travel ! Since I myself worked in fashion for 17 years as a buyer for the store chains, I began by saying, "I did not need this, I can well sort alone, and I perfectly know what suits me ". But an inner voice urged me to contact her anyway, and I have not regretted that decision !An outside look really lends a push, not only to get rid of the pieces that we love but more portable, but also to learn to value themselves.

Pascale has wisely chosen, in my wardrobe, the key pieces that I can combine according to my needs: classic outfits, stylish outfits with color combinations that I would not have thought !
We have, furthermore, had a great time. Pascale is sweet, funny, highly tuned, and above all with a good dose of diplomacy in order to use it to make me let go of the part that does not put me in value.
You'll understand, I highly recommend his intervention !

And you gentlemen, jump at the chance to perfect your style or redo, professional eye will guide you to the silhouettes and colors that will put you into light.”

Natalie H. 39 Paris 16 years fashion consultant