Dressing Detox, witness 1 d’un client fashion lab Paris

“After meeting with Pascale for a session “Detox”, I had a few.. fears. Why'd I launched in this adventure ? Open cabinets is not harmless. And then Pascale arrived. And there, with his benevolence, She welcomed my dressing such as it was - no filter, without judgment- and allowed me to finally separate me of all clothing with his eye, expert were such that they were : old-fashioned, badly aged, no longer relevant to my change of life or simply does not correspond me. And especially, his knowledge of Colorimetry, fabrics and trends has allowed me to discover new combinations or rediscover parts buried under piles, and batteries.

Results :
3 huge to give bags, a harmonious wardrobe where each piece is visible, new ideas and style to dig !
Thank you Pascale, soon the Dressing Signature meeting with its look book !”

Madeleine, 41 years old, consultant in business communication, Paris 15e.