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Why did you use a image consulting ?

I wished enjoy the look of a professionaland partly renew my locker but especially strengthen my professional posture.

Pourquoi avoir choisi Fashion Lab ?

The Pascale approach is based on the study of your personality, your influences and your expectations. There is a real thought and a will to know his client.

What advice have you retained and enjoyed because specific to your needs ?

Pascale has perfectly orient myself on my colorimetry, to change my dress style by choosing double cocktail wear parts and discovered day by appointment for other brands .I business. J’ai découvert les possibilités qui s’offrent à moi.

Recommanderiez-vous les prestations de Fashion Lab ? Je suis Fan ! Je le recommande à toutes celles qui souhaitent se renouveler et passer un moment très agréable.

A quel moment referez-vous appel aux services de Fashion Lab ? Certainement à l’automne/hiver prochain…

Christine T. , 40 years old, Consultante indépendante en finances, 95 Antony , mars 2018